Condo Association Management

As Greater Boston’s most comprehensive condo association management firm, we’ve designed a better experience through our hospitality-forward approach to maximize your property’s value with less worry and drama.

Managing a condominium association is a multifaceted activity which draws on a range of talents and capabilities. At CHARLESGATE Property Management, we offer a variety of services ranging from financial management to repairs and maintenance of common areas. Because we custom tailor our service offering to individual clients based on their needs, we assure maximum value for your condominium association.

Property management is a relationship, not a transactional business. We work to build a partnership with the Board and all owners. We view property management as an alliance, where we are all on the same team, working to achieve shared goals.

Communication is the cornerstone of every relationship. Our team understands that the services we provide are for individual’s homes and we recognize the importance and impact our management has on their daily lives. We take the time and care to ensure peace of mind for not only the Board Members but also for all unit owners.

Our level of service, with an emphasis on hospitality in property management, is what separates CHARLESGATE from other firms, large or small. We offer the custom hospitality, service, and direct principal involvement of a boutique, highly local firm with the capacity to take on any level of project with a personalized touch. 

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Financial Management

  • Assistance in preparing annual operating and capital budgets and tracking performance against budget in monthly financial reports.
  • Collection and deposit of condominium fees and special assessments.
  • Payment of operating expenses for utilities, cleaning, maintenance and other routine items.
  • Payment of capital expenditures for replacements, additions and major repairs.
  • Managing and reconciling bank and investment accounts for operating funds and reserves.
  • Preparation of annual tax returns.
  • Secure online access to financial records.
  • Unit owners may pay condominium fees and assessments online.


  • Assistance in obtaining insurance and renewals.
  • Preparing so-called 6(d) certificates and other documentation in connection with the sale and refinancing of units.
  • Assistance in arranging financing of large capital expenditures which exceed reserves as an alternative to special assessments.
  • Attendance at the unit owners’ annual meeting and any trustees’ meetings at which attendance might be helpful.

Property Services

  • Assistance in contracting for routine services such as cleaning, landscaping, and snow and ice removal.
  • Assistance in contracting with utilities and granting access for repairs or replacements.
  • Advice concerning property repairs, maintenance, renovations and larger projects, contracting for their performance and monitoring their progress and completion.
  • Holding a duplicate set of keys to the property in an anonymous, numbered key system.