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  • providing online payment options makes rent collection easier & can help prevent late payments

    Ask A Property Manager: How Do You Deal With Rent Collection, Late Payments, Unit Turnovers & Evictions?

    Welcome to our “Ask a Property Manager” series. Here, we’ll answer frequently asked questions and give you some insight into how we deal with common property management situations. Here are some of the ways we deal with rent collection, late payments, unit turnovers, and evictions. For background, here’s what the average turnover in our market/portfolio […]

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  • the value in association management

    The True Cost of “Cheap” Condo Association Management

    When it comes to condo association management, the phrase “you get what you pay for” certainly applies. To put it simply, when comparing costs, property management boils down to time, attention, and expertise. How much you pay in fees has a direct correlation to how much time and attention you’ll receive from your manager and […]

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  • resident communications for virtual property management

    Digital Must-Haves For Virtual Property Management in 2020

    While real estate is a physical asset and there will always be a need for some onsite maintenance, many of the essential pieces of property management can be handled virtually from tenant showings and lease paperwork to rent collection. We live in a world where tenants expect a level of digital availability and as a […]

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  • COVID-19 In Unit Service Visit Process and Procedures

    Charlesgate Property Management COVID-19 Processes and Procedures

    At Charlesgate Property Management we take the health and well-being of our clients, staff, and the community seriously. Given the coronavirus outbreak, we have established the following processes and procedures related to the property management arm of our business. We’re dedicated to doing our part to limit the spread of coronavirus and continue to provide […]

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  • Cleaning and Sanitation During Coronavirus

    FAQs For Condo Associations During COVID-19

    If you’re part of a condo association, you may be wondering what you and/or your management should be doing to proactively protect your community during the coronavirus outbreak. Whether you’ve lived in your community for years or you recently moved in, chances are, you’re not sure what precautions or steps should be taken. In order […]

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  • Rental Property Management Fees and Cost

    Rental Property Management Fees: What You Need To Know

    If you’re an investment property owner, you’ve likely considered the cost of rental property management. Maybe you already have a company handling your building or maybe you’re just thinking about partnering with a property management company. No matter where you’re at in the process, unfortunately, when it comes to cost, there’s no straightforward answer. We’d […]

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